Monday, February 6, 2012

Wedding Recap - I Do

Our wedding ceremony started at 6:00 PM. Our guests started arriving as early as 5 and we were still outside taking pictures. We had to finish up and hurry inside so we could have a break before the ceremony. Some of the next pictures are my favorites.

I loved my flower girls! They got along so well and kept me laughing when I was nervous.

My sister and me peeking through the window to watch guests coming in.

My sweet grandmother.

Hunter's brother, Eli, who was also our ring bearer.

I loved this! It was my dad's idea that he told me about literally minutes before walking down the aisle. It really helped calm me down and I loved that it was something fun and different

The picture from my dad's camera.

The ceremony flew by and next we were ready for a fun time with family and friends!

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