Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oh Baby!

Guess what? We're having a baby! We've already told family and friends and most other people know by now. I decided to I needed to start keeping up with this blog again to remember everything that happens during this pregnancy. We waited until I was 8 and 9 weeks to tell family and close friends. I wanted to wait longer but we could not keep our mouths shut another day!

We actually found out on our anniversary! I wasn't late but I just wasn't feeling quite right. On our way home from dinner we stopped by Walgreen's to get Hunter some medicine and I grabbed a test. Hunter didn't even know I bought one and I didn't tell him I was taking it because I knew it would be negative. When we got home, he was taking the cake out of the refrigerator and I took the test. I was so shocked to see two pink lines! I really wish I would have told Hunter in some creative way but I just blurted it out! It's funny to laugh about now.


I called and made an appointment for the doctor which wouldn't be until September 19, two and a half weeks later. It seemed like it would take forever but it flew by. Since I work in the same building as my doctor, I scheduled it first thing in the morning after I got off. Hunter didn't get to come with me to this one since I just walked right upstairs to the appointment. Everything went great and it put all my worries at ease! Our official due date is May 5, 2013!

We really couldn't wait to tell our families'! We knew they would be so excited! First we told my mom, Richard (my step dad), and my moms family. We had them come to our house for my birthday dinner on Saturday night, September 22. I wrapped up a gray onesie with an elephant on it. I gave it to my mom and she wanted to know what it was for. So I told her it was a really late anniversary present just so she would open it and not think anything. She knew right away what it was! What was so funny was that the week before she had a dream that I was pregnant and when she texted me and asked me about it I didn't know what to say! I forgot to get a picture though!
Then on Thursday night, September 27, we told Hunter's family. We had them over for dinner because they were about to go out of town. We got help from Hunter's brother, Jake, his girlfriend, Katie, and their little girl, Emalyn. I bought a onesie on Etsy and while Hunter and his parents were outside, Katie changed Emalyn into it. When everyone came in for dinner, Lynn noticed it first. Chip had NO idea and when he finally figured it out, his face was priceless!
Finally, Saturday we told my dad, Allison (step mom), John, Bailee, and my dads family. His parents, brothers and their wives and kids were all in town to celebrate my Memaw's 70th birthday. Hunter and I went over to my parents house early Saturday but my brother and sister were both gone. So we had to wait and everyone ended up being there for it. I ordered shirts off Etsy for John and Bailee and let them tell the secret. They we estatic! My cousin, Abby, recorded it but it's at my dad's house. I'll have to upload it next time I'm there.

 We are so excited to welcome a sweet, little baby into our family next spring! We have a lot to do including clearing out our mess of a guest room and making it into a nursery. We also have a few updates we need to make on our whole house to make it more baby friendly. Overall, we know we are very blessed to have been chosen to be this little ones parents. Please keep us in your prayers during this special time for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!

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