Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa Bears

I shared a picture yesterday of my Santa Bear that I've had since my first Christmas. It's a tradition my dads mother, Memaw, started for all of her grandchildren when we had our first Christmas. Each year we take a picture with our bear at Christmas. With 9 of us (now 11 since my uncle got remarried last year), that's a lot of bears. But Memaw has all the pictures framed with the year marked in a collage up her stairwell. I love this tradition and it is something I want to continue to carry on once Hunter and I decide to start a family of our own. Or maybe my parents will continue that tradition? Not sure, but regardless, I think it's something fun to do with your family.
My first Christmas with my bear.
My brother, John, with his bear on his first Christmas.
My sweet little sister, Bailee, on her first Christmas with her bear.
Bailee last year (2010) with her bear.
John last year with his bear. (He looks so different now. It's crazy how much someone can change in a year!)
Me with my bear last year. I graduated from the University of Alabama on December 11, 2010, so my grandmother had me take a picture in my cap and gown with my bear. (This just made me realize I've been done with nursing school for a whole year! Woohoo!)

That's one of our family traditions that we do. Do you have any special traditions you do with your family each year?
Happy Monday!

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