Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chicken and Cream Cheese Ball

I guess this is the week of recipes. I was busy making lots of goodies this holiday season so I decided to take pictures and blog about a few of them. This recipe is actually one I got from a coworker. The recipe calls for:
1 8 oz block cream cheese, softened
1 packet dry ranch dressing mix
1 chicken breast, boiled (or 1 can shredded chicken)
Crushed pecans

If you are using fresh chicken, boil until done, then shred. If you are using canned chicken, skip this step. Mix cream cheese, ranch, and chicken. Roll into ball then refrigerate for 1-2 hours. Roll ball in pecans. Eat with your favorite crackers.

Normally, I like to use real chicken. The taste is so much better. I was pretty busy when I was making these and I used the canned chicken. I've made it with the canned chicken before and it tasted fine. But for some reason, it didn't taste right this time. I would definitely recommend using fresh chicken if you have time. It's worth the extra effort. If you want to use the canned chicken, rinse it with water first. This is also good just as a dip without the pecans.

I didn't take any pictures of it once it was rolled in pecans. Oops. I'm such a bad blogger. :)
Hope you enjoy!

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