Friday, January 6, 2012

Wedding Recap: Wedding Rehearsal

Our wedding rehearsal and dinner was the Friday night before the wedding. The rehearsal was at the church, First Methodist in Sylacauga. The rehearsal was quick and to the point. It was a little confusing and honestly, I still wasn't sure what to do once it was really time for the ceremony. But it was still exciting and the fact that we were getting married the next day finally became real. All of the pictures in this post were taken by my cousin, Michelle Watson.

Me, Bailee, and dad

Lynn and Chip

Ella got to carry the "Here Comes the Bride" sign. When I first told her about this, she wasn't too thrilled, but when she saw what she was actually going to be carrying, I think she was excited.

Ella and Eli. I'm sure they were stoked about holding hands.

Memaw and Pawpaw. I love this picture!

Richard and Mom

Dad and Allison

Brother Lewis and Freda, our wedding coordinator, telling everyone what to do.

Hunter's pawpaw, Victor, one of the sweetest men I know.

Brandon and Mitch, the ushers

Lacy, the stand-in bride, and Hunter

The boys

My dad and Lacy

Me and my dad. I just found this picture and I love it!

Anna with the ribbon bouquet she made from the bows off presents from showers.

Next up, after rehearsal dinner at Harvey's on Noble.

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