Friday, January 6, 2012

Wedding recap: Bridal Luncheon

I have been wanting to blog about our wedding for a while. I think it is now finally time. However, there is no way I can post about the wedding and everything leading up to it in just one post. So my plan is to blog about a different event each day. First up, the bridal luncheon.

My bridal luncheon was held the Friday before the wedding. It was hosted by my two aunts, Meredith and Vicki (my dads brother's wives) and one of my grandmothers close friends, Sue. These women are amazing and they could not have done a better job! Unfortunately, Vicki was unable to come due to work (and she lives in Dothan), but she put just as much hard work into it as the other ladies.

The luncheon was held in Sylacauga at Marble City Grill outside on the patio. Being September 2, in Alabama, we were all worried it would be scorching hot, but it was surprisingly comfortable weather.

Attending the luncheon, my mother, Allison Brown, my stepmother, Allison Gardino, (...I know, I know, they are both named Allison. It gets a little confusing sometimes), Hunter's mother, Lynn, our grandmothers (My Memaw, Nonnie, and Grandma, and Hunter's Mawmaw), Lynn's sister, Vickie, all the bridesmaids (Anna, my MOH, Bailee, my sister, Rebecca, Michelle, Molly, and Lindsey-she actually wasn't able to come due to work), the flower girls and their moms (only Ella was able to make it since it was on a school day), the hostesses of course, and my cousin Abby (she came to bring the things that Vicki had since she couldn't make it.

Memaw, Allison, Meredith, Pat, and Ella

Vickie, Nonnie, Mawmaw, and Lynn

Molly, Anna, Rebecca, Michelle, Me, and my mom

Me with the hostesses, Sue and Meredith

Lynn, me, my mom, and Allison

Memaw, me, Nonnie, and Mawmaw

Sweet Ella and me

Bailee, me, and Allison

Michelle, Rebecca, Molly, me, and Anna

It was a great get together to gear us up for all the fun that was about to be had by all!

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